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London Dental Consultations | Why we have stopped

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As from January 2016 we made the painful decision to stop both treatment and consultations in the UK, instead opting to only treat patients in Budapest as originally planned in 2004. We can still refer patients for x-rays in the UK before you travel to Budapest for your dental treatment so that we can tell you the cost of treatment, how many times you will have to come and see us in Budapest and also for how long each time.

You need your Dentist to be fresh and not tired so that they can advise and provide treatment at the highest level. 

We are firm on the fact that this is in the best interests of all patients as most of the top dentists and surgeons do not want to travel to the UK on a regular basis. Those that continue to travel are getting over tired and that is not good for the patient who is expecting their dentist to be in top form.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Chris at Hungarian Dental Travel and I would like to talk about the concept of UK consultations and why it may not be the best way forward for patients seeking dental treatment abroad.

We have been helping patients travel to Hungary for high quality low cost dental treatment since 2004, and our objective from the outset was to work with the best dentists possible who not only have willingness and expertise to provide the best care, but also a friendly manner towards patients and their dental problems.

A few years ago we teamed up with a dental clinic who could offer consultations in London as well as treatment in either London or Budapest. The way it works is that the dentist will travel between Budapest and London on a regular basis. This is something that is very attractive to patients as they can see the dentist without travelling to Hungary for a consultation. For some patients who find it hard to get time away from work, having treatment in the UK for a low price is also an attractive proposition.

This year in 2016 we made a tough decision to no longer offer consultations or treatment in the UK….Primarily this has been a decision in the best interests of our patients.

There are several reasons…..

Exceptional dentists do not want to travel between Budapest & London on a regular basis. It is costly and tiring and whilst some dentists do this for a while it is not a long term activity.

Imagine a dentist having to travel between the two cities…The dentist has to get to the airport, go through the security and wait around to board the plane. Once landed the dentist has to get off the plane, go through passport control and then travel through London to the clinic. It is physically draining and that is before any work commences.

So, the good dentists do not travel as they usually get enough patients in Budapest to keep them busy.

The best way is to travel to Hungary for your consultation and dental treatment.

The best dentists have a routine in their own clinic with staff they know well.

The best dental technicians will actually come and see you several times with the dentist so that the new restoration is the best in every way.

If you want the best then come to Budapest for a consultation.

We have a consultation package which includes:

  • Free fight
  • Free airport transfers
  • Free hotel accommodation
  • Free x-rays
  • and a free treatment plan.

Please have a look at our website for our terms and conditions or call us on 020 7193 1384

London Dental Consultations | Why we have stopped
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