Dental Bridges Budapest

Dental Bridges Budapest

Tooth Bridges

Dental Bridges to perfection by Hungarian Dental Travel

A dental bridge is a similar concept to a dental crown except that a bridge looks like several crown units fused together even though the bridge is manufactured as one piece. This is done to make the new dental restoration look natural.

A simple dental bridge may consist of three teeth which will be used to replace a single missing tooth in the mouth. This is an alternative to a dental implant. The natural teeth either side of the gap will be reduced in size during the preparation process to accommodate the new bridge before being permanently bonded into place. The bridge will then span from one natural tooth to the other bridging the gap along the way. This not only replaces the natural tooth but also gives stability to the teeth around the gap.

The cost of a dental bridge is usually determined by how many teeth are on the bridge. Each tooth unit on the bridge is usually the same price as a crown which is around £200 abroad in Hungary compared to £800 upwards in the UK and Ireland. A four unit bridge in Budapest, Hungary will cost around £800 whilst the cost within the UK and Ireland can range from £3,200 to £4000 and higher on a like for like basis.

Dental Bridge

Step by Step guide on dental bridges


Dental Bridges have many uses and can span larger gaps where there is more than just one missing tooth. If the gap is considered too big for a bridge to span due to strength issues then a dental implant may be used to help support the bridge. A bridge may be supported by natural teeth, dental implants or a combination of the two. It is the decision of the dentist to decide on the most appropriate course of action.


Dental bridges not only help replace missing teeth but they also stabilise natural teeth, help correct your bite, restore the shape of your face and stop teeth drifting.

Generally the procedure is:

Once the patient has been assessed by the dentist and patient consent is given the dentist will prepare the mouth for the new bridge. If this involves dental implants then dental implants will be placed and a healing process lasting several months will follow. If natural teeth are involved then the dentist will prepare these supporting teeth to accommodate the new bridge. Accurate impressions are taken and the dental technician will start to make the new bridge.

Dental Bridge

Dental Bridges made to perfection in London and Budapest


Dental bridges usually take four to five days to manufacture and during that time the patient will have several fittings before the bridge is cemented into place. If the bridge is supported fully or partially by dental implants then the bridge is usually additionally screwed into place.

Once complete the bridge will look and feel great. For more information on receiving your treatment abroad in Budapest, Hungary then contact us today.

Dental Bridges Budapest
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