dental implants budapest

Dental Implants Budapest

Dental Implants Budapest

Dental Implants Budapest

How dental implants are placed

Dental Implants Budapest are a cost effective solution for replacing missing teeth with dental crowns, dental bridges or to stabilise an implant supported denture.

The dental Implant acts in the same way as the root of a natural tooth. The Implant supports the new tooth which is called a crown in the same way as the roots support a natural tooth.

If dental Implants are used to support a bridge then you may not need to have a dental implant or every missing tooth. The same principle is used for denture stabilisation.

Dental Implants Budapest are one of the most popular dental procedures carried out by dentists in Hungary for the overseas health traveler.  Many thousands of British and Irish dental patients travel abroad each year to see a dentist in Hungary due to the massive price difference between each country for dental care.

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Patients can typically save between 60% to 80% per dental implant in Hungary comparing to average dental implant prices here in the UK and Ireland. Sometimes the price difference can vary considerably per implant on a like for like basis depending on various factors such as the brand of dental implant used and the pricing structure adopted by the clinician placing the dental implants Budapest.

A dental implant is often used when a single tooth needs replacement but is also commonly used to help support other types of dental restorations such as implant supported  bridges or dentures.

Dental implants do the same job as the roots of a tooth which is to support a dental restoration. A natural tooth is held in place by its roots and so a manufactured tooth called a crown can be supported by a dental implant which acts as an artificial root.

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A modern day dental implant is commonly cylindrical in shape with most dental implants made from high grade pure Titanium due to the bio-compatibility qualities that Titanium offers. Some dental implant manufacturers supply ceramic dental implants for patients who require a more organic approach to tooth replacement but success rates are lower.

The most common type of titanium dental implants used in Budapest, Hungary and abroad are called root form implants because they are placed into the jawbone by a specially trained dentist or dental surgeon. They will come as a two piece construction with one part being the dental implant and the other being the abutment which helps join the dental restoration to the dental implant. Ceramic constructed dental implants are usually one piece.

dental implants budapest

Dental Implants after crowns have been attached














Generally, this is the procedure:


Planning and Placement

dental implants budapest

Dental Implant Planning

Once a patient has been assessed as a good candidate for dental implants the dentist will place the dental implant into the jawbone after careful planning and preparation. Once the dental implant has been placed, the dental implant will be flush with the gum and is usually left for several months to heal. Dental Implants Budapest.





Healing Process

The healing process allows for osseointegration and is where the natural bone and the dental implant join together over a period of time so that the restoration can be fully supported and load can be applied such as biting pressures.

Healing times usually vary from 3 to 6 months depending on patient circumstances. Sometimes dental implants can be immediately loaded with the intended dental restoration but it is not so common and “immediate load” implants must only be used in certain circumstances.

Uncover Procedure

dental implants budapest

Healing Abutment

Once the healing phase is complete the dentist will uncover the dental implant, carefully screw in the abutment and start preparing to load the dental implants with the dental restoration whether it is a crown, bridge or denture.



New Restoration

After the new crowns, bridges or restoration is placed, you should now be the proud owner of a brand new aesthetically pleasing and functional restoration which has been made for you in Hungary, the dental tourism capital of the world. If you are still unsure about travelling abroad for treatment, speak to us about our range of procedures for Dental Implants Budapest.

dental implants budapest

New Porcelain Bridge with artificial gum

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Dental Implants Budapest
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