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Hungarian Dental Travel

Christopher Hall – Hungarian Dental Travel

Hungarian Dental Travel have been helping people with their Dental Treatment in Budapest for well over a decade. We can offer you the highest quality dental treatment with some of the best qualified Dentists in the World and a substantial guarantee on all treatment.

You can easily travel to Hungary for major restorative and cosmetic dental treatment with dentists who are using the best materials and most modern advancements in Dentistry. We ensure that the quality of care is high, that we meet your expectations and the cost of treatment is somewhere between 60% to 80% lower than treatment in the United Kingdom.

I co-founded Hungarian Dental Travel well over 10 years ago when Britain was in the midst of a national dental crisis. A lot has happened within the Dental industry since then but there is still a high demand for our service as the NHS does not provide dental implants or other treatment classed as cosmetic dentistry.

Many people travel to Budapest for dental treatment as they do not want to pay the high price for dental implants or any kind of cosmetic or restorative dental treatment with a private dentist near home.

Flying to Budapest for treatment is more convenient and cost effective than ever before as low cost airlines continue to offer affordable travel. We will provide free airport transfers if you choose one of our recommended hotels and we will pick you up each time you have a dental appointment.

Our dental clinic is a new “state of the art” facility in Budapest with their own dental technician laboratory – It is perfect!

We also offer a free consultation package in Budapest – Click here for more details and our take on why London consultations generally do not work.

I still speak to every patient and make sure that you are seen by the best dentist for your needs, ensuring that all of your questions are answered as well as making sure you get the best price for your dental treatment. If you proceed with treatment then we will case manage from start to finish ensuring that you receive the best possible experience.

We are a very caring bunch of people and we really appreciate that every patient has different needs whether it be a restorative or cosmetic dental procedure. Some of our patients once were the life and soul of the party only to retreat once teeth started to fall out and their appearance greatly affected. Other patients simply cannot enjoy food and require a solution whereby life can be enjoyed again. Many patients are just anxious about having dental treatment and require a dentist who can manage their fears as well as the treatment they need. We have also treated top level managers who need to look good in front of investors and also X-factor contestants who simply need to look a little more presentable in front of the camera.

Going abroad to Hungary for dental treatment is a safe and affordable solution.

I am here to make sure you get the best out of your treatment and to help you avoid potential problems.

Christopher Hall


Hungarian Dental Travel
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