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About Us

About Us

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About Us – Since 2004, Hungarian Dental Travel has been committed to providing the very best dental treatment in Budapest. Our Dentists specialise in Cosmetic, Preventative and Restorative dental care to patients in a safe environment and for an affordable price.
We are completely sure that you will like our dental clinic in Budapest which is equipped with the best equipment and the best dentists.

We really love doing what we do and we get a real satisfaction talking to new prospective patients for the first time. We enjoy getting to know new patients and helping them through each stage of the treatment, giving all of the information needed. It makes us happy when our patients are delighted with everything once their new smile is complete. I know that we would enjoy helping you too.

Our Dentists are really caring towards patients and are very health orientated. They are always prepared to put patients first.

We are proud to offer you the very best of care which includes dental implants, crowns, dental bridges, denture stabilisation and all forms of general dentistry as well as more complex surgeries involving bone grafting procedures. Our surgical team consists of some of the most qualified and well respected dentists and dental surgeons in the country. Their skills, chair side manner and experience are well known to us and we continue to work closely with them so that standards remain high.

Budapest has become a mecca for dental tourists coming from all over the world. It all started several decades ago when the Austrians started travelling across the border for dental treatment. At the time some people just had to drive 30 miles to cross the border and see a Hungarian Dentist. Now the dental infrastructure in Hungary is strong, well educated and cannot be rivaled by other countries in Europe trying to replicate the service.

About Us
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