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Rick Steves Europe – Dental Treatment Budapest

Dental Treatment Budapest

If you are coming to Budapest for Dental treatment then it is worth doing a bit of sightseeing whilst you are here. I can highly recommend having a look at the following Rick Steves YouTube video about Budapest to give you an idea of what there is in the city to see. yes…it is nearly 30 minutes long but I can promise you that it is 30 minutes well spent.

If you are coming for a few short days for dental implants with our Budapest Dentist then you may not have the time to visit everywhere he goes in the video, but if you are here for your dental crowns or dental bridgework then there will be plenty of time to see the sights of Budapest as you will be here for at least five working days.

Watch on YouTube: Rick Steves Budapest | Hungarian Dental Travel

Dental Implants

You only need to be in the city of Budapest for 2 to 3 days to have your dental implants placed before the dentist will let you go home. In the time you can do a little sightseeing around Budapest if you want. It all depends how you feel. Some patients need to sleep it off after treatment whilst others are enthusiastic about sightseeing around Budapest.

Dental Crowns

Whether you are returning after your dental implants have healed or are coming just for dental crown or bridgework then you will be here for 5 days which is the best opportunity for sightseeing. If your treatment is more complex then you may have scheduled to stay longer or have agreed to a return at a later stage.

In any case it is worth doing some sightseeing around the capital city of Hungary whilst having dental treatment in Budapest.

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dental crowns material budapest

Dental Crown Materials

Dental Crown Materials

When considering Dental Crowns in Budapest the main considerations are:


Your Dentist in Budapest

The most important part of the process is to choose the right Dentist for your needs. The best dentist is the one that advises correctly and has the right attitude towards you (the patient) and your dental problem. Good communication skills, compassion and the desire to provide the best treatment possible is a recipe for success.

It goes without saying that if you use one of our dentists in Budapest then we will have a long history with this dentist and we will know that you are in safe hands.


How well the Dental Crowns are made

The success of the Dental Crown is a mixture of several important factors:

  • The patients overall experience must be positive with effective pain management.
  • The expectations of the patient must have been met
  • The crowns must be the correct size and in proportion to the other teeth
  • The shape of the new crown must be perfect and natural looking and exactly how the patient wants.
  • The Colour or Shade of the Dental Crown must be right for the patient.
  • The fitting of the Dental Crown must be good and function must be just right.


The materials used when making your new crowns

The main materials used for dental tourists visiting Budapest when making new dental crowns are:

  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • Porcelain fused to Zirconium
  • Porcelain fused to a Gold Alloy

Porcelain Fused to Metal

This type of crown material is the most common type in the world and is often referred to as a PFM Crown. Whilst this may be the least expensive material available the quality is outstanding from our dentists and dental technicians. Firstly, the crown is a full jacket porcelain crown. This means that the porcelain covers the front, sides and back of the tooth. Some dentists offer cheaper versions where the porcelain only cover the front of the tooth – Not with us!

The crown comprises of a high quality dental porcelain fused to a metal alloy approved for dental use. The porcelain gives the tooth that natural look and the metal gives the tooth strength.

Many patients who come to us have had a bad experience where a black line can be seen at the top of the crown where it meets the gum. Our dental crowns are made in such a way that the porcelain is shouldered over the edge of the metal so no black line can be seen. This amounts to a professionally made dental crown which will last many years.

As with all of our crowns the function will be perfect as well as them being the correct size, shape, colour, shade and will look natural.

Porcelain fused to Zirconium (metal free)

This type of crown is a metal free option and one that is attractive to people who want a slightly higher aesthetic quality from the crowns.

The porcelain is fused to a structure made from zirconia which gives the crown strength. The zirconia is white in colour so a white coloured porcelain fused to a white coloured structure is always going to be good for aesthetics.

Zirconia does cost a little more than PFM crowns. If aesthetics is really important you can discuss the advantages of zirconium crowns and also other types such as Empress or EMAX.

Porcelain fused to Gold

The is the same principle as PFM crown except that the metal is substituted for a Gold Alloy rather than a non-precious metal alloy.

If you are looking to have dental crowns in Budapest then please


020 7 193 1384



Watch on YouTube: Dental Crowns in Budapest | Hungarian Dental Travel

Read our main page – Dental Crowns

Read our new article – Am I eligible for Dental Crowns in Budapest?

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dental crowns eligibility

Am I Eligible For Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns Eligibility

Q. How do I know if I need Dental Crowns?

dental crowns eligibility

Dental Crowns

A. Dental Crowns is an artificial but natural looking replacement tooth when a natural tooth is missing, cracked, decayed, broken, discoloured or severely compromised from having a filling.
Our dentist in Budapest will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Missing Teeth – Crowns on Dental Implants

If a dental implant has been placed a dental crown is attached to the dental implant via a dental abutment after the appropriate healing period. If more dental implants are placed, depending on circumstances a dental crown is placed onto each dental implant or maybe a bridge is placed between the dental implants preventing the need for a dental implant for each missing tooth.

When is a crown a bridge?

A single replacement tooth is called a crown but if a dental technician joins two or more crowns together then the terminology is that it is called a bridge regardless of whether the dental bridge spans a gap or not.
A bridge is often used to stabilise teeth or span larger gaps with or without the assistance of dental implants.

Broken or Damaged Teeth

A crown can be used to restore a broken tooth. The natural tooth is prepared for the new crown.
The new dental crown will be the correct size, shape, colour and will function perfectly.

Misaligned Tooth

Crowns can correct crooked or misaligned teeth. Our Dentist in Budapest will make a decision on whether dental crowns or a row of crowns called a bridge is more appropriate. Veneers are another consideration as well as orthodontics.

Weak Tooth

If a natural tooth is weak above the gum line a crown can be made to fit over a prepared natural tooth to strengthen the weak tooth.

Heavily Compromised Tooth

If a tooth is heavily compromised due to decay or maybe amalgam filling removal then a crown will be recommended rather than a new filling or inlay.

Discoloured Teeth

Teeth which a heavily discoloured can be crowned if cleaning or teeth whitening is not effective. Tetracycline or Fluorisis stained teeth will often not improve so a cover such as a crown or veneer would be the most effective way to deal with the problem of discoloured teeth.

If you are interested in seeing a dentist in Budapest for dental crowns then please


020 7 193 1384



Watch on YouTube: Am I eligible for Dental Crowns | Hungarian Dental Travel

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dental implants video

Travel to Hungary for affordable dental implants, helping patients since 2004

Dental Implants Video

We found this great little dental implants video on YouTube for you to watch. It really nicely explains the concept of dental implants starting from the dental consultation, examination and includes:

  • What is a dental implant
  • What dental implants can be used for
  • How dental implants are placed in the mouth
  • Healing Periods to consider
  • Osseointegration which is the fusing of the dental implant to the bone
  • Dental Implant Uncovering procedures
  • Attaching the tooth
  • Blending in with other natural teeth in your mouth
  • Denture Stabilisation
  • Advantages of dental implants
  • Reliability of your new dental implants 

Have a look and surely it will put things into better perspective when considering having dental implants in Budapest, Hungary.

Watch on YouTube: Dealing with missing teeth | Hungarian Dental Travel


020 3633 1962



dental implantHaving Dental Implants in Budapest, Hungary is a very popular way of replacing missing teeth with the best quality branded dental implants for less cost. Our dentists have many years of experience placing dental implants for patients visiting Budapest for dental treatment. The cost of treatment in Hungary is approximately 60% to 80% less expensive than in the United Kingdom but it varies depending on what type of treatment you need. Even with your flights and accommodation taken into account it is a better than half price.

Dental Implants can be used for replacing a single missing tooth or to replace several missing teeth by supporting a dental restoration such as a bridge or a special type of over-denture.

 Read Our Main Page – Dental Implants

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am i eligible for dental implants

Am I Eligible for Dental Implants?

Am I Eligible for Dental Implants?

Am I eligible for dental implants?

Q. Am I eligible for Dental Implants?

A.Well, a lot depends not only on whether you a good candidate for Dental Implants but also whether it is the best choice of treatment for your current dental circumstances.

Dental Implants are a consideration when a person has missing teeth and the gaps need addressing.

For a person to be considered a good candidate for dental implants the dentist must be sure that there is no better alternative. There must be enough good quality bone where the dental implant is intended to be placed. If not, then bone grafting / augmentation may be an option. A panoramic x-ray and/or a 3D CT Scan will show how much quality of bone there is in the upper and lower jawbone and the dentist will be able to tell you whether you are a good candidate for dental implants as well as give you a treatment plan which also details cost.

Our dentist will always evaluate success, stability, bone reduction, risk, cost and convenience when considering dental implants compared to a non-dental implant option such as dental bridges. Sometimes a bridge option can be more logical if there are enough natural teeth to support bridges. Sometimes dental implants which support dental restorations such as a fixed bridge or special denture is the only option.

We can provide traditional dentures but all of our patients come to us because they want an alternative to the denture. Patients are fed up with dentures that do not fit properly and does not allow comfortable eating.

You can also read about full circle bridges supported by dental implants or even denture stabilisation which is a slim denture fixed by dental implants to stop slippage and wobble as well as improve the way you eat.


020 7 193 1384



Watch on YouTube: Dental Implants | Hungarian Dental Travel

Read about Carols journey – A case study on dental implants when there are no teeth

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Carol’s Dental Journey Budapest

Carol’s Dental Journey Budapest

This is Carol’s dental journey to Budapest. We received a call last year from a lady in her late 50’s living in Central London who was interested in having dental implants in Budapest. She lost all of her teeth several years earlier due to gum disease and had been struggling with a denture for far too long.

denture wearerBy her own admission she was a very sociable person, always showing her teeth when laughing at bingo and other sociable events locally. As her dental problems became worse she stopped socialising so much until eventually she became a recluse. Once the denture was fitted by her NHS dentist she did not like how she looked and eating was frustrating. She could not chew very well and the taste of food seemed to have gone. The dentures also caused soreness in the mouth. She just was not happy at all and mostly refused to wear the dentures.

She had heard about a procedure called denture stabilisation which involves placing dental implants into the upper and lower jawbone and then fitting a special reinforced denture (sometimes called an over-denture) to the dental implants by way of a special ball and socket arrangement.

Carol came to see us in Hungary as she knew we specialised in this procedure and had a free consultation with the Dentist who places hundreds of dental implants every year.  Our Dentist also provided x-rays at no additional cost. Once Carol had her consultation with the Dentist in Budapest she was much more aware of her treatment options and the benefits, risks, costs and convenience of each option.

Option 1 – Denture Stabilisation

Carol was told that despite losing her teeth several years ago she was a good candidate for dental implants with regard to this option. Her bone loss was not so severe. Bone augmentation or bone grafting was not needed.

The dentist advised that she could have 4 dental implants placed on the upper jawbone and 4 dental implants placed on the lower jawbone. Some patients on occasion need 6 implants in the upper to achieve stability but in Carol’s case 4 implants in the upper arch was sufficient.

Carol was told that after the dental implants are placed the dentist was confident that he could load the dental implants with the new custom made dentures once they are made which will be at the end of her 5 working day visit to Hungary. Carol could arrive on a Sunday and have her dental implants placed on the Monday. After accurate dental impressions are taken the new dentures would be ready by the following week.

Sometimes it is better to wait for a 3 to 6 months healing period to pass before loading the dental implants with the final restoration but in Carol’s case the dentist was happy that he had achieved stability as the implants would be joined together with a bar system.

Also, with some dental patients it is better to have one denture made for one arch and let it settle in before making the second denture for the opposite arch. In Carol’s case the dentist was happy to have the custom fit denture made for both the upper and lower arch at the same time.

This option would include:

  • The placement of the dental implants at our Budapest clinic.
  • The supply of special abutments which attaches to the new denture
  • The bar system to join the dental implants together
  • A high quality multi-layered acrylic denture with an internal super structure for strength
  • A socket system to attach to the dental implants

The advantage of the overdenture over the porcelain bridge is:

  • The cost is much lower
  • Less implants are needed which reduces risk of failure

The disadvantage is:

  • The overdenture is a slightly bulkier option
  • The overdenture needs to be removed for cleaning every few days

Option 2

The second option would be to have a full circle porcelain bridge supported by dental implants.

It is a more expensive option as more dental implants would be needed to support a porcelain bridges than with a custom made overdenture. The cost of the bridge is also higher than the overdenture. In the case of Carol, it would mean that a small amount bone grafting using synthetic bone would be needed to give some of the dental implants stability. This means extra cost.

The advantage of the porcelain bridge as opposed to the overdenture is that the porcelain bridge is a slimmer option and is permanently bonded in place which means that it never needs to be removed.

The disadvantage is cost and risk. The more dental implants that are placed means a higher risk of failure.


020 7 193 1384



Watch on YouTube: Dental Implants | Hungarian Dental Travel

Also read our article on “Am I eligible for Dental Implants

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Dental Materials Budapest

Dental Materials Budapest | Hungarian Dental Travel


dental materials budapestWe occasionally get asked what dental materials our Budapest dental clinic and technician laboratory use. We are always happy to be transparent in every way possible and the materials we use are no exception.

We are using the very best global materials available from the most well known brands.

Dental Clinic Materials

Local Anesthesia – Only the best!

  • Ultracain forte,
  • Lidocain,
  • Lidocain spray

Dental Implant Brands – The Best on the Market

  • Alpha Bio
  • Straumann

Bone Graft Material – Most Reputable Brands Available

  • Geistlich Bio-Oss
  • Alpha Bio Graft natural Bovine Bone

Bone Graft Membrane

  • B Braun Lyoplant


  • Ivoclar Vivadent e-max

Filling Materials – No Amalgam, Just the best quality safe white composite material

  • 3M Filtek Z250,
  • Evetric Ivoclar,
  • 3M Filtek Ultimat Flow

Temporary Bonding Adhesive

  • Temp Bond NE

Permanent Cement

  • GC Fuji Plus
  • Maxcem Elit


  • Our own Laboratory tailor made posts, or
  • PD Fibra Post Plus

Root Canal / Root Filling Material

  • AH Plus
  • M+W dental guttapercha
  • NaOCL 5%

Temporary Filling (medication) 

  • GC  Fuji

High Quality Impression Materials

  • 3M Express
  • Aquasil Ultra

Teeth Whitening Products

  • ADC Ultradent Opalescence

Technician Laboratory Materials

Zircon for Crown / Bridge Structure

  • Fino frame Zr

Metal for Crown / Bridge Structure

  • Bego Wirobond SG

Porcelain / Ceramic for both metal fused and zirconium crowns

  • Shofu
  • Noritake

Inlay / Onlay Ceramic

  • GC Gradia

Gold Alloy

  • Bego


  • Heraeus Kulzer Palavit


Using the best quality dental materials are really important when treating patients who have traveled along way. Having to travel back for treatment under the guarantee can be frustrating so we aim to ensure that the treatment, materials and the making of your new restoration is the best it can possibly be. The best materials along with quality care and a good manufacturing process is the key to a good experience with our dentists in Budapest.

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London Dental Consultation

London Dental Consultations | Why we have stopped

London Dental Consultations | Hungarian Dental Travel

As from January 2016 we made the painful decision to stop both treatment and consultations in the UK, instead opting to only treat patients in Budapest as originally planned in 2004. We can still refer patients for x-rays in the UK before you travel to Budapest for your dental treatment so that we can tell you the cost of treatment, how many times you will have to come and see us in Budapest and also for how long each time.

You need your Dentist to be fresh and not tired so that they can advise and provide treatment at the highest level. 

We are firm on the fact that this is in the best interests of all patients as most of the top dentists and surgeons do not want to travel to the UK on a regular basis. Those that continue to travel are getting over tired and that is not good for the patient who is expecting their dentist to be in top form.

Watch on YouTube: Why we have stopped offering patients UK Consultations

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Chris at Hungarian Dental Travel and I would like to talk about the concept of UK consultations and why it may not be the best way forward for patients seeking dental treatment abroad.

We have been helping patients travel to Hungary for high quality low cost dental treatment since 2004, and our objective from the outset was to work with the best dentists possible who not only have willingness and expertise to provide the best care, but also a friendly manner towards patients and their dental problems.

A few years ago we teamed up with a dental clinic who could offer consultations in London as well as treatment in either London or Budapest. The way it works is that the dentist will travel between Budapest and London on a regular basis. This is something that is very attractive to patients as they can see the dentist without travelling to Hungary for a consultation. For some patients who find it hard to get time away from work, having treatment in the UK for a low price is also an attractive proposition.

This year in 2016 we made a tough decision to no longer offer consultations or treatment in the UK….Primarily this has been a decision in the best interests of our patients.

There are several reasons…..

Exceptional dentists do not want to travel between Budapest & London on a regular basis. It is costly and tiring and whilst some dentists do this for a while it is not a long term activity.

Imagine a dentist having to travel between the two cities…The dentist has to get to the airport, go through the security and wait around to board the plane. Once landed the dentist has to get off the plane, go through passport control and then travel through London to the clinic. It is physically draining and that is before any work commences.

So, the good dentists do not travel as they usually get enough patients in Budapest to keep them busy.

The best way is to travel to Hungary for your consultation and dental treatment.

The best dentists have a routine in their own clinic with staff they know well.

The best dental technicians will actually come and see you several times with the dentist so that the new restoration is the best in every way.

If you want the best then come to Budapest for a consultation.

We have a consultation package which includes:

  • Free fight
  • Free airport transfers
  • Free hotel accommodation
  • Free x-rays
  • and a free treatment plan.

Please have a look at our website for our terms and conditions or call us on 020 7193 1384

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dental treatment cost budapest

Dental Treatment Cost Budapest – Armchair Shopping

Dental Treatment Cost Budapest – Armchair Shopping

How Much Will My Dental Treatment Cost?

Shopping for goods and services online is a growing phenomenon that has changed the way most people do business and the Dental Industry is no different. Why not shop for your new smile online? You can easily find out how much dental treatment will cost in Budapest.

laptop userEvery day we receive telephone calls and emails asking how much Dental Treatment will cost in Budapest, but quite often there is not enough information provided by the dental patient.

We are going to tell you what information you need to supply so that we can provide you with an accurate overview of what is needed to be done and how much it will cost.

There is really no real substitute for coming to the Dental Clinic, meeting the Dentist and have a full examination followed by a consultation but we understand that this is not always possible.

Come to Budapest for a Free Consultation

Depending on the Dental treatment needed you may need an x-ray so that the Dentist can see other dental structures.

For well over 10 years we have been helping people travel to Budapest for high quality and inexpensive dental treatment with the vast majority of our Dental Patients needing Dental Implants and Bridgework in Budapest. Most enquiries originate through the internet which makes sense because our patients are not local people who can just pop in for a dental consultation. It is a catch 22 situation because most patients want to know cost before they travel and providing an accurate cost without seeing you first is difficult.

We used to operate a dental consultation facility in London but the best dentist ultimately do not want or need to travel regularly so we had to make  decision to ask our patients to travel or see a second rate dentist in London. We chose the latter.

Usually a prospective patient will research online and contact us to ask how it all works and the likely cost involved. This is where it can get complicated because at this point the patient wants to gather information so that an informed decision can be made whether this is an affordable. For us the question is whether enough information has been supplied so that we can provide information such as the overall accurate cost and how many trips to Budapest are needed.

Enquiries come in several forms….

  • General enquiry with little supporting information – This is usually in the form of “I need implants in the upper and lower jaw”…How much does it cost? These are near impossible to answer accurately.
  • General Enquiry with information from existing dentist – “I have been to see my dentist and I need 8 dental implants in the upper and a bridge with 14 teeth. I have no teeth in the upper jaw. The last 5 was extracted 6 months ago. The dentist told me that I do not need bone grafting and I am a good candidate for dental implants.  How much does it cost?
  • General Enquiry with supporting panoramic x-ray – Here is my x-ray! How much does it cost for dental implants in the upper jaw.

The latter two examples are great! We have enough information at our fingertips not only to give a fairly accurate cost for treatment but the information also allows us to eliminate other forms of treatment. Cost, healing periods and the amount of trips needed to Budapest for treatment are all important factors which we like to supply in our quotations.

The first example is a little more difficult…..

  • We do not know the quality or quantity of bone making it impossible to evaluate whether the patient is a good candidate for dental implants in Budapest.
  • We also do not know if there are any existing teeth! Good natural teeth which do not need extracting can provide support for a new restoration. It is important not to assume that all teeth need extracting.
  • If teeth need extracting we need to establish whether there is infection, gum disease or inflammation. This will impact whether you need more or less trips to Budapest for dental implants.
  • Some people will need less implants than others when assessing for a full restoration.
  • There is a choice of crown/bridge material which needs to be discussed.
  • Some people will need less crown or bridge units on full mouth restorations depending on the size of the jawbone.
  • Bone Grafting may or may not be needed. Some patients need none at all whilst other need bone grafting in various forms. This can be some simple supportive bone grafting to more invasive forms such as sinus lift. Hungaria peta interaktif The cost varies depending on the type of bone grafting required and the amount of bone graft material we need to use during the operation. Small quantities of synthetic bone graft product is quite expensive per gram.

The more information you can supply the better we can help you with an accurate cost for treatment, how many trips to Budapest you will need and the length of treatment.

If you can get to our London or Budapest clinic for a consultation with the Dentist this is the best way forward. 

We offer treatment on both our London Clinic & Budapest Clinic.

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Hollywood Smile

Camilla and Her Hollywood Smile!

Camilla and her Hollywood Smile

In 2007 an aspiring model contacted Hungarian Dental Travel to see if she was a candidate for a Hollywood smile involving zirconium crowns. She was prepared to travel to Hungary for dental treatment because she knew that she could not afford cosmetic dental care in the UK at that time.

Camilla was getting photo shot opportunities as a model but all of her pictures had one thing in common – she did not smile! She was getting regular assignments but felt that her teeth were holding her back.

Camilla went to see our dentist and the dentist talked about orthodontic treatment to correct the misalignment in her teeth with braces. It was the most ethical solution. Camilla had already tried braces unsuccessfully and it was something she did not want to try again as it would take her 2 years to achieve normality,  would cost her £10,000 and it did not work last time.

The dentist finally agreed to give Camilla a Hollywood smile which included 12 porcelain crowns and some root canal treatment. She flew out to Hungary for 1 week to see our dentist and came back to London with a new smile.

It has been over 9 years since Camilla traveled to see our dentist and she is still happy with the result.

Camilla also featured in “Love it” magazine


Love it magazine, Before & After Photo’s


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