Budapest Dental Treatment

Budapest Dental Treatment

BudapestWe have been helping dental patients travel to Budapest successfully for well over 10 years now. The service has differed over the years but the principle is still the same. Patients travel to Budapest for high quality dental treatment for a fraction of the cost of treatment in the UK.

We do offer a free consultation package to Budapest…

Consultation in London

We no longer provide consultations or treatment in the United Kingdom for several very good reasons. The chance to have a consultation or even treatment in the UK before you travel to Budapest sounds great in theory but it is mostly not in the patients best interest. Find out more info!

Planning Your Trip

If you decide to have treatment in Budapest then we will confirm the following based on the dates you are available:

  • Dental Treatment – It makes sense for us to help plan your trip with regard to the treatment. Some patients need only to come once whilst other patients need to come two or even three times depending on the complexity of the treatment. Length of stay is important as some treatment need you to stay longer than others. We must also ensure that your dentist is available for the dates you want to travel. Most importantly the cost of your dental treatment combined with the cost of your flights and accommodation must make travelling to Budapest an economical solution compared to having treatment at your local dental clinic.
  • Length of Stay – Typically if a patient is coming to Budapest for dental implants then your first trip to Hungary need only last 2 or 3 days depending on whether any bone grafting is needed. Patients travelling for crown and bridgework need to come for 5 working days. If the restoration is a full mouth restoration then it can be up to 7 working days or maybe slightly longer if Zirconium is used. All treatment is individually scheduled between the dentist and dental technicians so that you are not kept waiting too long.
  • Flights – We do not book your flights but we will give you the best flight information based on whether you want to travel with a low cost airline or whether you prefer to travel with a traditional airline.
  • Accommodation – We have a range of hotels that will surely meet your needs and expectations. The vast majority of guests prefer a 3 star hotel option with breakfast included and has a private en-suite bathroom. Our accommodation has been meeting the needs of our patients for several years now with price being important. It is also important that you stay within 10 minute drive from the dental clinic.
  • Airport and local transfers – If you stay with one of our hotel partners then we will provide free airport transfers for you. We will also provide local transfers between the hotel and the dental clinic. At the end of your stay we will make sure you get back to the airport on time.
  • Payment – We do accept a variety of payment methods including cash, debit cards, credit cards and wire transfers.
Budapest Dental Treatment
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