Dental Implant Guarantee Budapest

Dental Implant Guarantee Budapest

Although I have every respect for the worldwide dental profession, I do have concerns that patients are not getting the right information about what is covered by the guarantee when having dental implants placed.

dental guaranteeIf your dental implant fails then it is a natural reaction for you to want a replacement but who pays? Patients are told before surgery that the implants are guaranteed but more clarity is definitely needed in this area.

It goes without saying that if your dental implant is placed professionally with no complications at all and it never fails then there is little to worry about regarding how the guarantee might affect you. The problem arises when a dental implant fails and there is a need to get the dental implant replaced.

Dental implants have a worldwide success rate of around 97% which sounds fantastic but the 3% of implant failures can be frustrating for those who are affected and it is only right to focus on how the guarantee can or cannot help you.

It may be helpful to know that when you have a dental implant placed there are two guarantees to consider.

–          Dentists own guarantee for his/her workmanship

–          Manufacturers guarantee.

The two should not be confused with one another.

Dentists Guarantee

When a dentist places a dental implant you get a guarantee for the medical treatment you have received from the dentist. The dentist is duty bound to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for dental implants, that a suitable healing period is followed and that the implant is loaded correctly. The dentist must place your implants correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If this is not done correctly and the dental implant fails then the dentist is at fault and you may be entitled to a replacement free of charge.

Additionally, the dentist must be qualified, registered and competent enough to place dental implants. Experience is always an advantage.

The word of warning here is what happens if you get an infection or an abscess in the weeks after your treatment or your body just rejects the dental implant due to lack of osseointegration?

Is it the dentist’s fault that the dental implant failed? Maybe not!

The answer here is that your dentists guarantee will cover the procedure if the dentist did something to cause the failure when placing the implant. This could be failing to ensure that the patient is a good candidate or if the implant was loaded prematurely.  If the dentist did everything right and your implant failed then the dentist is probably not liable for the cost of replacement dental implant.

These are the hard rules but quite often the dentist will replace a failed implant free of charge even if it is not the dentists fault. The motive for this is that dentists are quite keen to keep up a good reputation but it is something that the dentist does not have to do. It is worth clarifying before you go ahead with treatment what the dentist will do if the implant fails. Check with your dentist to see what the policy is when a dental implant fails.

Manufacturers Guarantee

First of all, you may see the internet flooded with adverts from dentists offering 3, 5 or 10 year guarantees. Lifetime guarantees are also becoming popular. The longer the guarantee period, the more expensive the dental implant will be.

One thing to be sure of is that these lengthy guarantees apply to the manufacturers guarantee and not the dentists guarantee and certainly won’t cover you if the dental implant fails due to natural causes. It is quite natural for the patient to think that the implant is guaranteed for all eventualities for the length of the guarantee period but this is not the case.

If you have an implant failure you will only be covered if there is a fault with the implant. In other words, if the implant fails due to infection, abscess or rejection then you are not covered unless there is a fault with the product itself.

The common causes of dental implant failure are:

1)      Infection

2)      The dental implant failed to integrate with the bone

3)      Abscess

Dentists in Hungary provide high standards of care so you should not be too concerned about the treatment that Hungarian dentists provide. Hungarian dentists are generally adhere to the following protocol when placing dental implants:

–          High level of Hygiene

–          Assessing patients as suitable candidates

–          Good surgical planning

–          Adequate post operative care

Patients can also help give the dental implant a better chance of survival by keeping a high level of hygiene within the mouth, stopping smoking and keeping pressure away from the implant.

Sometimes a dental implant can fail for unknown reasons even when dentist and patient have done everything possible to increase survival rate. In these instances it is better for the guarantee policy to be clear for the patient.

Dental Implant Guarantee Budapest
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