Dental Implants on the NHS

Dental Implants on the NHS

The NHS (National Health Service) does not offer dental implants except under exceptional circumstances whereby it is clinically necessary for the patient to have dental implants over any other type of treatment.

dental implants on the nhsThe NHS has always been proud to offer patients quality dental care which is convenient and prompt from well trained motivated dental staff but cosmetic or restorative procedures which are not deemed clinically necessary will not be provided. This includes dental implants.

Whilst I think that the quality varies considerably across the NHS we have to remember that an NHS dentist may not always recommend the best treatment for you. An NHS dentist generally might recommend only what they can offer which is a medically satisfactory solution to your problem rather than the best solution or a comfortable solution. As an example, if you have no teeth at all then the NHS will probably pop a plastic denture in your mouth rather than provide a solution involving dental implants and a full circle bridge. This is because dental implants are not generally offered on the NHS and patients will not always be aware that a superior alternative is available unless the dentist has an option to operate out of the NHS.

The NHS would like to maintain good oral health among its patients which means that a denture or bridge to fill a gap will be offered rather than a dental implant which has additional benefits.

Dental implants are not deemed clinically necessary which is why you cannot get them on the NHS. The NHS do claim that if it is clinically necessary to provide dental implants on the NHS then they will but be rest assured that it is extremely rare indeed.

Dental Implants including abutment average in price at around £2000 per implant when seeking private care in the UK and Ireland compared to £500 to £600 in Hungary. That is a big difference and the main reason why the British have been flocking to Hungary for several years. Dental Implants cannot be obtained on the NHS and for many the cost of private care is too much.

Dental Implants on the NHS
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