Why is it less expensive to have dental treatment in Hungary?

Why is it less expensive to have dental treatment in Hungary?

I am often asked why it is less expensive to have dental treatment in Hungary than in the United Kingdom, Ireland or even the U.S.A. It is very simple! It all boils down to the cost of living being cheaper in Hungary than other parts of the world.

quality costIn Hungary the cost of running a dental clinic is a fraction of the cost of running a dental clinic in Western Europe or America. The Hungarian dentist does not need as much money to run the clinic to a high standard because rent, rates, salaries and tax are proportional and therefore less expensive. The Hungarian dentist does not have to pay receptionists, drivers, dental assistants and dental technicians the high salaries that a British dentist has to, so therefore most treatments can be provided for less cost. This is why dental treatment is generally less expensive in Hungary than elsewhere!

So, the more labour involved in your dental treatment the bigger the price gap between treatment in Hungary compared to prices in your own country. Dental Implants, Crowns and Bridges are the big savers as it takes a dentist time to plan and place your implants into your jawbone and a dental technician must spend days manufacturing your crowns and bridges. Teeth Whitening procedures require very little labour so the price difference between Hungary and your own country may be minimal.

There are some myths about dental treatment in Hungary which I need to clear up. Just because treatment is cheaper in Hungary, dental patients assume that the quality will be lower than what you are used to. Generally, Hungarian dental clinics that cater for the overseas patient are on par with the very best private clinics in your own country. Hygiene levels are generally very high. The equipment and materials bought by Hungarian dentists are the best globally branded products. When you sit in the Hungarian dentist’s dental chair it is more likely to be a relatively new A-dec or Anthos chair system rather than some cheap import. Dental Implants are more likely to be Nobel Biocare, Ankylos, AB or Straumann.

Travelling to Hungary to see a well qualified experienced dentist for less money does not mean that you will receive less quality.



Why is it less expensive to have dental treatment in Hungary?
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