Diastema – A gap too far?


Many people travel to Hungary to correct a diastema but unless you have this condition then you perhaps would not know what it is? A diastema sounds serious but in fact it is not a bad thing at all. A diastema is when there is a distinctive natural gap between your upper front teeth. This is often affectionately called a “lucky gap”.

Some people just would not even consider correcting a diastema as it adds personality to their smile and overall attractiveness whilst others just don’t like it and must close that gap. Famous people with gaps between their front teeth are Madonna, David Letterman and former secretary of state for the US, Condoleeza Rice.

Dental patients who travel to Hungary will have considered orthodontic work in their home country but have decided to take the cosmetic dentistry route.


An orthodontist will look to close the gap between the teeth by using braces. Over a period of time the orthodontic dentist will move the teeth either side of the gap closer to each other. It may be necessary to move several teeth to close the gap depending on the size of the gap. The larger the gap the more teeth need to be moved.

The disadvantage of orthodontics is time and cost. The main reason why people travel to Hungary for closure of a diastema by a cosmetic dentist is cost and they know it will take years. There is no guarantee that it will be successful. Due to the amount of trips needed back and forth to Hungary it is not recommended to have orthodontic treatment outside of your own country.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your Hungarian cosmetic dentist can close the gap by way of dental crowns or veneers. The big fear for patients is whether the two front teeth will look extra wide and inappropriate as they have to be made wide enough to close the gap. In reality what happens is that the gap is closed and the teeth look natural and the right size and shape. They close the gap by placing crowns over 6 to 8 teeth. Each tooth contributes to closing the gap rather than leaving the full job to the crowns covering the front teeth.


If you have six crowns in Hungary rather than in the UK, Ireland or the United States then expect to pay around £200 per crown in Hungary compared to £800 to £1000 back home.

When you travel to Hungary for dental treatment then expect the best care possible and your crowns will look beautiful as dentists and technicians generally work to a very high standard. Your crowns will be the right size, correct shape and the most appropriate shade.

Diastema – A gap too far?
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