Q) Why should I go to Hungary for dental treatment and not another country?

A) Hungary is considered to be the dental tourism capital of the world. Hungary has built a strong infrastructure over the years which not only can cope with the many overseas patients who travel for dental care but also deliver quality.


Q) Why is dental treatment cheaper in Hungary?

A) Dental Treatment in Hungary is less expensive because dentists and dental staff take a lower salary because the cost of living costs less in Hungary. Most of the running costs of running a clinic except for the cost of materials. Hungarian dentists still pay the same as British dentists for their materials and equipment.


Q) Are the dentists qualified?

A) There is not much room for unqualified dentists in Hungary. All Hungarian dentists have been to one of the three big dental universities which are considered world class. These universities educate above and beyond European standards in dentistry and even accept overseas students.


Q) Will I get bad quality materials?

A) All dentists use quality branded materials when treating patients who have travelled from other countries.


Q) Will the treatment be guaranteed?

A) All dentists offer a guarantee but check with the dentist about the guarantee. What is covered by the dentist and what is covered by the manufacturers guarantee and the duration of the guarantee?


Q) How long will I have to stay in Hungary?

A) Your dentist will tell you how long you need to stay in Hungary but a general guideline is as follows:

– Dental implants – 2 to 4 days

– Crowns and bridgework – 5 to 7 full working days


Q) How many times will I have to travel to Hungary?

A) As a general guideline you will need to travel twice if implants are involved or just once if crown and bridgework is only needed.


Q) How can I pay for my treatment?

A) Ask your dentist first but most will accept cash, credit or debit card and bank transfer. There may be an additional charge for debit and credit card payments.


Q) Are there any hidden charges?

A) It is always best to make sure that the estimate is for everything needed to complete your treatment. Most dental clinics will provide complimentary airport transfers, x-rays and anaesthesia as part of your estimate leaving you to pay for flights and accommodation but check with your provider.

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