Sinatra’s Smile

Sinatra’s Smile and what kind of “dental pain” the Americans fear the most….

Every Monday I search the news for interesting articles on anything dental. I often come across mad dentists or celebrities talking about the importance of a beautiful smile. My favourite this week has to be an old article from the Edmonton Journal (USA), published 14th September 1967.

Edmonton Journal 1967

sinatraI am not sure if the younger generation will know of Frank Sinatra and how influential he was but I am sure everybody has heard of the song “My Way” which is very recognizable when played.

So, the article shows that even 44 years ago having an attractive smile was a must in show business.

The famous incident happened to him in Las Vegas, when some of his teeth got knocked out in a fight after he became too provocative when his credit card got declined… I think everything Sinatra did had a certain legendary feel to it.


Anyway, losing teeth in fights is not really a reason why most dental patients look for a dentist but it does happen. When it does happen you might consider a more affordable option than having it done by a celebrity dentist in the USA. The economy is the main reasons why the Americans stay away from the dentist. I thought the fear of pain was in pole position, but according to the 2011 Survey of Dental Care Affordability and Accessibility  the situation becomes clear!

Around 50% of the population does not have insurance as insurance premiums have soared in recent years. Unemployment, the recession and the fear of dental bills have put off the Americans from their regular dental visits.

Visiting a dentist in Hungary could be a great alternative wherever you live. First of all you need to evaluate the costs against the possible savings. Many dental patients are travelling from the USA and Canada to Hungary and wish to combine this experience with a holiday visiting other European countries as well.

Dental patients from Ireland and the UK tend to just hop over and see their dentist in Hungary as the cost of travelling is quite low.

If you need major cosmetic or restorative dental treatment then Hungary is worth considering.



Sinatra’s Smile
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