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Dentists Need to Check for Oral Cancer

According to the charity Cancer Research UK, dentists need to check patients for signs of oral cancer as well as asking patients lifestyle questions.

According to the charity there will be 9,200 cases of oral cancer in the UK by the year 2030 compared with just 6,240 recorded cases in 2009.

The British Dental Association has said that dentists do examine patients for oral cancer as part of routine checkups, but it was only this year the General Dental Council recommended dentists educate themselves on oral cancer as part of their ongoing professional development.

It was estimated that over 70,000 Brits travelled to Hungary for low cost dental treatment last year so it is important that dentists providing dental care in Hungary also check for oral cancer.

Dr Kannmann, a dentist working with Hungarian Dental Travel in Mosonmagyarovar says “I look for the signs and symptoms of oral cancer as well as possible pre-cancerous indications. I also check for the disease lichen planus during consultations with all of his patients including those that travel from the UK”

Oral Cancer can affect the lips, tongue, cheek lining, palate and bottom of the mouth. People over the age of 40, smokers, heavy drinkers and participants of unprotected oral sex are in the highest risk categories.

We found this video explaining oral cancer from Health Canada. We think that the video provides easy to understand patient education



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70 000 dental tourists visited Hungary in 2011

According to the Medical Tourism Office (Orvosi Turizmus Iroda Zrt) in 2011 Hungarian dentists treated around 70 000 dental travellers.

Most patients were from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France, paying an overall 65-70 milliard Hungarian Forint, winning an impressive 40% of the European market share. Most dental patients would travel if the savings can reach 2500 Euro and the overall dental treatment cost per patient is about 4500 Euro.

90% of dental tourists are looking to have extensive restoration work done and dental implants.

Source: http://www.kisalfold.hu/belfold_hirek/milliardokat_koltenek_a_fogaszati_turistak_magyarorszagon/2270540/

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Vampire fangs! Anybody?

This week has gone so fast! Normally, I do write at least 2 blogs a week but not this time. Spring is in the air and I spent most of my time outdoors enjoying the weather.

Anyway, I woke up fairly early this morning and decided to read the news on-line. I was shocked to say the least, when I saw the “vampire woman” on Yahoo’s site… http://uk.news.yahoo.com/vampire-woman-helps-domestic-abuse-victims-111221124.html

This Mexican lady had to suffer abuse for many years and then turned herself into a vampire lookalike. Now she is committed to raise awareness for women suffering from abuse in similar circumstances.

I was reading how she had fangs dentally implanted into her mouth… This is not the first time I came across this. Few years ago we had a dental enquiry from a beautiful model asking if any of our dentists in Hungary would be happy to turn her teeth into fangs. Strange request, I know. Mostly Hungarian dentists would not do such a thing. Not because they are not up for individual request but because they take their profession very seriously and most often say the dental profession is a healthcare and not a fashion business. But our dentist decided to talk to the lady to find out how serious she is about her request and if she is aware of the long term impact and consequences. The patient travelled to Hungary for the dental consultation, spent 3 days in there and came back certain about her decision. In a month time she decided to fly out to Hungary, Budapest and see the dentist this time for treatment and not only consultation. The dentist in Hungary fitted high quality dental veneers, shaped like vampire fangs. In only 1 week time  her teeth were ready and ever-since she has been enjoying wearing them. Few months after this event she recommended Hungarian Dental Travel to her colleagues and we had few more dental enquiries for vampire fangs…

I guess, this is not going to be a booming business and a common request but certainly a very interesting experience…


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A smelly kiss? No, thanks!

It seems like we celebrated the New Year only a few weeks ago and Valentine’s Day is already fast approaching!

Never mind! I’m always happy to spend it with my husband, cooking nice meals for each other and cuddling up on the sofa. Yes, this might sound boring to you, but we have been together for over seven years now and after the first few years’ of trying hard to impress period, we appreciate the peace and quiet a lot more.

I was just reading though the Valentine’s Day articles and found this one containing a shocking survey (http://www.dentistry.co.uk/news/4842-Donqapost-let-bad-breath-be-the-kiss-of-death) one in every five people are afraid of smiling just because of the state of their teeth…. Can you imagine a man or a woman trying to go out with you, giving a nice big smile with bad teeth? What would you say?

In the other hand, he probably just can not afford spending thousands of pounds on his smile… The solution can be a romantic break to Hungary, Budapest. There are many dental destinations for those patients, who are looking for affordable dental treatments abroad. But Budapest is considered the Paris of Eastern Europe and home to world-class affordable dentists, as well.

Many surgeries will offer free consultations, some even complimentary scale and polish and offers discounts or special rates on good quality hotel accommodation. So, don’t ditch a potentially great relationship just based on a bad smile or bad breath. Unattractive it is, you should see the person behind it and research for the best solution, in this case maybe a dentist in Hungary.

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Kim Kardashian and her dentist

Reading about how celebs also go to the dentist makes them look like real people. In the end of the day a toothache is painful no matter what our status or financial backgrounds are.
She recently visited her dentist in California and tweeted “Let the numbing begin! I need a shot 🙁 I’m scared!”


Well, beauty comes at a price and celebs simply can not afford to neglect their teeth. Just remember poor Lindsey Lohan….
Kim Tweeted recently: “A day at the dentist is never fun! Well unless its with Dr. Kevin Sands! Love you doc but fillings suck. #HalfMyFaceIsNumb.”

So, knowing how much our celebs have to suffer to look and feel their best, we should stop feeling so sorry for ourselves and get on with that dental visit.
However, if patients wish to have the very same Hollywood smile only at a fraction of the price: look into travelling to Hungary for dental care! It will cost a lot less!

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Fake Dentist offering cheaper services gets suspended sentence

According to Dentistry IQ on-line magazine „Stephen Sickelmore, 52, posed as a qualified professional when he visited patients all over Devon and Cornwall and took impressions of their mouths.”

(see more here http://www.dentistryiq.com/index/display/news-display/1583593297.html)

The guy was a dental technician apprentice once, but his qualifications expired. This was the closest he ever got to being a professional. He advertised int eh Yellow Pages as „The Denture Clinic” and played vulnerable old dental patients out of their money in exchange of wonky dental sets.

„Many patients of his Denture Clinic were left with painful, ill-fitting dentures while others were embarrassed to be seen in public wearing them after teeth chipped or fell out.”- says the article and describes how he was operating in a highly unhygienic mess.

I can’t blame the patients. Many of them would look into cheaper alternative, as not all of them can afford to have fixed dentures or implant supported bridges. As the recession is still growing we all search for better value for money. But as the recession hits on many other countries it is worth considering travelling abroad for some cheap dental work and other services like, opticians, beauticians and hairdressers.

But before anybody would commit  should check out qualifications of the dentists and if they are registered by the General Dental Council in London.

Seven years ago, when Hungarian Dental Travel was established, some of our team members spent few months over in Hungary, spending long hours at the dentists’s surgery in Budapest, Mosonmagyarovar, Gyor,  Sopron, Heviz and around the  Lake Balaton inspecting our possible dental partners’ qualifications, experience, English language knowledge, even their dental technicians’ work to reduce risks for our patients and maintain high quality control. But even if you chose to use a dentist or any dental professional in your home country, make sure you check upon the qualifications.

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More Americans Travel To Hungary For Dental Treatment!

A growing number of older Americans aged 55 and over are travelling to Hungary for much needed dental treatment.

Many of these American people would not normally consider having dental treatment outside of their own country but the damage to their nest egg from the global recession means that they don’t have time for the financial markets to recover. Americans are not travelling the 10,000 mile round trip and 10 hours each way in a aeroplane just for a filling. They are travelling to destinations in Hungary such as Budapest, Mosonmagyarovar, Sopron, Gyor and Szombathely for major restorative and cosmetic dental treatment. Often these treatments include full circle bridges and dental implants which are expensive in the U.S.

In Hungary you should expect less than half price for the same quality branded materials. Many Americans either in retirement or approaching retirement want to enjoy life which means getting rid of those nasty dentures and getting crowns supported by dental implants so that they can enjoy those 16oz steaks again. Life is for living and food must be enjoyed which is difficult if you have dentures or a vast amount of missing teeth. These Americans feel the need to be frugal with their money and they don’t have a decade to wait for the recession to pass by.

Travelling to Hungary for low price dental treatment allows many Americans to have the treatment they want, see some of Europe and keep their savings pretty much intact. Americans travelling to Hungary for dental treatment is not a new idea at all. Due to dwindling insurance benefits Hungary has attracted many American patients over the last 7 years. Now the Hungarian forint is at its lowest for a long time so accommodation, food and entertainment whilst you are in Hungary will go quite a way.

Example 1

A full circle bridge consisting of 14 teeth on the upper jawbone will cost $11,200 in the US.

In Hungary the same treatment will cost $4,300.

Example 2

A patient who has no teeth on the upper jawbone will pay $25,600 in the U.S for 8 dental implants to support a 14 unit bridge. Some dentists in the US will charge an extra $4000 as 8 of those crowns will be implant crowns.

Expect to pay $10,740 in Hungary. A growing number of American dentists are charging anything from $599 TO $600 extra if your new crown happens to attach to a dental implant. In Hungary this practice is not normal and in most places you will find implant crowns the same price as normal crowns.

If you require help with your dental treatment you can do the following:

1) See the dental clinics that advertise on our website

2) Contact us in the following way and we will put you in touch with reputable dental clinics in Hungary.

Our 8 years experience in this field will ensure that you are put in touch the best people:

Email us here – info@hungariandentaltravel.co.uk

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Dental Implants….What to Expect!!!



Procedures involving dental implants are the most popular treatments sought by British, Irish, and American dental patients travelling to Budapest, Hungary seeking high quality low priced dental care.  

The British patient would normally be charged around £1,700 to £2,500 per dental implant in the UK compared to around £600 to £700 in Hungary on a like for like basis. This would normally include the cost of supplying the dental implant as well as surgically placing the implant.

The first thing to do is to ensure that you are a good candidate for dental implants. You should communicate with your Hungarian dentist over this as much as possible before you travel.

Some Hungarian dentists travel on a regular basis to the UK to see patients whilst other Hungarian dentists are happy to accept x-rays, photographs and tooth charts from you via email with a view to giving you an approximate treatment plan before you travel for treatment. You may already have had a consultation by your local dentist and know what you need.

Once you know whether you are a good candidate for dental implants you can plan with your Hungarian dentist how many trips you will need before travelling to Hungary. Here is a guideline but as with anything the dentist has the final word on the matter.

Trip 1 – Extractions

If you need to have teeth extracted as part of your overall plan then you may have to wait several months after extraction for the wound to heal before being able to have dental implants. In some cases when there are no signs of gum disease or infection a dental implant may be placed straight away after extraction whilst all of the nerve endings are raw. This not only saves time but can actually improve the success rate of your dental implant. Your dentist will have the final word on it. Also in some cases the implant may not have to be placed in the same position as the extraction to achieve the desired result which can also save an extra trip to Hungary. You may decide to have your extractions in your own country to save time or maybe you will have the extractions done in Hungary. If you do decide to have extractions done in Hungary then plan a trip for a couple of days. If you require temporary teeth then plan longer.

Trip 2 – Surgery

Once implant surgery has taken place the dentist will tell you when the final restoration should be done. The dentist will have examined x-rays and will be well aware of the jawbone condition during implant procedure. Sometimes the dentist will place the restoration immediately after implant surgery but this is rare. Normally the healing period of 3, 4 or 6 months is adhered to until the implants have healed before the final restoration is done. Again the dentist has the final word on the matter. Plan for 2 to 3 days stay in Hungary when having dental implants unless you have a more complex situation. Surgery will normally take place on day 1 which leaves a few days for aftercare.

Trip 3 – Final Restoration

The final restoration generally will be made for you about 3 to 6 months after dental implant surgery. If you have had extractions then it may be possible that this is your third trip to Hungary. If not then it maybe the second trip for you.  Two trips to Hungary are the most common but this is not always the case. You will need to stay in Hungary for 5 working days on average but it can stretch to 7 or 10 days depending on how many teeth, what the material is and the complexity of your case.

Trip 4 – A possibility

Some patients have complex situations and will require not only extractions but also bone grafting. Sometimes the jawbone can accept the placing of a dental implant but won’t be able to deal with the forces placed upon it after the final restoration is placed. In these circumstances bone grafting can be done during implant surgery. In some cases where the bone cannot accept the dental implant then the dental surgeon may be able to do more complex bone grafting procedures. This may in itself increase the amount of trips you need to Hungary but also may be done at the same time as other procedures.



There are so many possibilities open to you as a patient depending on your situation. Most patients need two trips to Hungary lasting 2 and 5 days respectively. If your situation is more complex then you may need a 3rd trip to Hungary. If it is more complex still then a fourth is needed. This is a general guide but your dentist will be able to be more accurate with you about this.

Please remember that dentists in Budapest and other parts of Hungary are amongst the best in the world.

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What dental x-rays can do…

When considering travelling to Hungary for dental treatments, some Hungarian dentists will offer an x-ray facility in the UK, so an approximate treatment-and price plan can be established. Seeing your estimated costs and getting familiar with possible treatment types will help you planning and putting your mind at ease.

Sometimes a full panoramic x-ray is not quite enough to see if you can have implants and a personal examination is needed or other diagnostic tools. But x-rays could pick up on those, who are in risk of fractures according to the article published in Private Health (http://www.privatehealth.co.uk/news/december-2011/dental-x-rays-risk-of-fractures-36299/).

New research from the Sahlgrenska Academy found that the bone structure of the lower jaw was associated with a person’s vulnerability to the breaks. 

“We’ve seen that sparse bone structure in the lower jaw in mid-life is directly linked to the risk of fractures in other parts of the body, later in life,” stated Lauren Lissner, a researcher at the Institute of Medicine at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

Most of us are aware of the importance of regular dental check-ups, not only to spot potential oral problems, but also to prevent other health issues, like heart disease, diabetes and so on…. Using the x-ray scan is most often part of this procedure.

Reading the Daily Mail just few days ago I came across this article Grandfather stunned when dental X-ray shows pellet that was shot into his jaw when he was TEN
(Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2071175/Grandfather-stunned-dental-X-ray-shows-pellet-shot-jaw-TEN.html#ixzz1gJhEnUsc)

It is about a middle aged man, who went to the local hospital for a dental check-up and the x-ray showed a pallet he knew nothing about, only thinking it though he realised what could’ve happened.

Regular dental check-ups are very important to prevent further problems, but once you have them they need to be treated. Ignorance is the worst thing and painkillers will just disguise the real cause.

If you can not afford dental prices in your own country, look into alternative solutions. Travelling for dental treatments could be a good way of saving money. Please, check out our website on Hungarian Dental Travel- for more information.

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£12000 for a new smile, like Tulisa’s? Not in Hungary!


I have been following Tulisa’s smile-makeovers since the start of her appearance as a judge on X-Factor.

Everybody attached to the program seems to have bright white smiles. Maybe it is to do with Simon Cowell, setting the standards.

Some people love having the full Hollywood glamour written all over their teeth, some prefers more the natural look.  X-Factor famously given smile makeovers for their most valuable contestants, as well.

Last years’ favourites Rachel, Katie and Cher Lloyd, also boy band One Direction had their teeth updated. This very much means Tulisa, as new judge had to have dental treatments.

Earlier this year I published a blog on her new smile, costing her £12000!!! http://hungariandentaltravel.blogspot.com/2011/08/make-good-impression-with-winning-smile.html


Now she tweeted about her dentist only to find herself in a “new plugging row after seemingly promoting the dentist who fitted her veneers on Twitter”- explains the Metro.

Only Tulisa never had to pay the £12000, it was only the value of the dental treatments correcting her aliments mostly using dental veneers.

Apparently she was tweeting about her lovely, new porcelain veneers

According the the Metro: “The OFT has not confirmed whether it is looking at The X Factor star’s behaviour, but a spokesman said: ‘It must be clear if endorsements in blogs and microblogs like Twitter have been made in return for payment or payment in kind.’” several times, mentioning clearly the name of the dentist and the practise, as well.

Well, who can blame Tulisa for getting free dental treatment? Good quality porcelain veneers cost a lot in the UK.

However, dental tourism could be an alternative, as treatments can cost 40%-70% less in Hungary,

For more, check out prices in Hungary on our site http://hdt.hibbert.online/prices/



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