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Hollywood Smile

Camilla and Her Hollywood Smile!

Camilla and her Hollywood Smile

In 2007 an aspiring model contacted Hungarian Dental Travel to see if she was a candidate for a Hollywood smile involving zirconium crowns. She was prepared to travel to Hungary for dental treatment because she knew that she could not afford cosmetic dental care in the UK at that time.

Camilla was getting photo shot opportunities as a model but all of her pictures had one thing in common – she did not smile! She was getting regular assignments but felt that her teeth were holding her back.

Camilla went to see our dentist and the dentist talked about orthodontic treatment to correct the misalignment in her teeth with braces. It was the most ethical solution. Camilla had already tried braces unsuccessfully and it was something she did not want to try again as it would take her 2 years to achieve normality,  would cost her £10,000 and it did not work last time.

The dentist finally agreed to give Camilla a Hollywood smile which included 12 porcelain crowns and some root canal treatment. She flew out to Hungary for 1 week to see our dentist and came back to London with a new smile.

It has been over 9 years since Camilla traveled to see our dentist and she is still happy with the result.

Camilla also featured in “Love it” magazine


Love it magazine, Before & After Photo’s


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Celeb Tweeps in advertising row

It has been a while I posted blogs to Hungarian Dental Travel’s site. Well, I guess we are all very busy at the beginning of the year and most of us still are in the limbo of catching up from the holidays.

I have to say I love Twitter. Please, let me know what you think of it, but I love interacting with people and finding out gossip. And  I tend to follow few celebrities, as well. Anyway, in previous blogs I taled about Kim Kardashian and her dental tweets, now I am reading how Khloe Kardashian is charging $8,000 or £5,000 for a tweet to promote a service, according to the Daily Mail. What’s more the paper highlighted ne offering an express teeth whitening service. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2092561/Katie-Price-Rio-Ferdinand-centre-Snickers-Twitter-advertising-probe.html).

The Daily Mail article comments on Charlie Sheen, as well, -who was a topic of my blog not long ago (http://hdt.hibbert.online/charlie-sheen-and-his-teeth)- explaining how he also charges $8,500 per Tweet – or £6,000, according to the PR industry.

I personally have no problem, if a celebrity shares positive or negative shopping experience, or opinion on a brand or on a dentist. But if it is paid for they should display that clearly, other than that it feels cheating, that’s all.

Expensive dentists in the USA and UK can easily pay a celebrity to tweet about their service. They make enough money to pay out. Those dentists, who are trying to offer affordable dental treatments will suffer. Travelling to Hungary or anywhere else in Europe for cheaper dental work can be seen as a strange choice, so dental patients are looking for a reliable resource.  Would Twitter serve this purpose? Not sure….

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Kim Kardashian and her dentist

Reading about how celebs also go to the dentist makes them look like real people. In the end of the day a toothache is painful no matter what our status or financial backgrounds are.
She recently visited her dentist in California and tweeted “Let the numbing begin! I need a shot 🙁 I’m scared!”


Well, beauty comes at a price and celebs simply can not afford to neglect their teeth. Just remember poor Lindsey Lohan….
Kim Tweeted recently: “A day at the dentist is never fun! Well unless its with Dr. Kevin Sands! Love you doc but fillings suck. #HalfMyFaceIsNumb.”

So, knowing how much our celebs have to suffer to look and feel their best, we should stop feeling so sorry for ourselves and get on with that dental visit.
However, if patients wish to have the very same Hollywood smile only at a fraction of the price: look into travelling to Hungary for dental care! It will cost a lot less!

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More Americans Travel To Hungary For Dental Treatment!

A growing number of older Americans aged 55 and over are travelling to Hungary for much needed dental treatment.

Many of these American people would not normally consider having dental treatment outside of their own country but the damage to their nest egg from the global recession means that they don’t have time for the financial markets to recover. Americans are not travelling the 10,000 mile round trip and 10 hours each way in a aeroplane just for a filling. They are travelling to destinations in Hungary such as Budapest, Mosonmagyarovar, Sopron, Gyor and Szombathely for major restorative and cosmetic dental treatment. Often these treatments include full circle bridges and dental implants which are expensive in the U.S.

In Hungary you should expect less than half price for the same quality branded materials. Many Americans either in retirement or approaching retirement want to enjoy life which means getting rid of those nasty dentures and getting crowns supported by dental implants so that they can enjoy those 16oz steaks again. Life is for living and food must be enjoyed which is difficult if you have dentures or a vast amount of missing teeth. These Americans feel the need to be frugal with their money and they don’t have a decade to wait for the recession to pass by.

Travelling to Hungary for low price dental treatment allows many Americans to have the treatment they want, see some of Europe and keep their savings pretty much intact. Americans travelling to Hungary for dental treatment is not a new idea at all. Due to dwindling insurance benefits Hungary has attracted many American patients over the last 7 years. Now the Hungarian forint is at its lowest for a long time so accommodation, food and entertainment whilst you are in Hungary will go quite a way.

Example 1

A full circle bridge consisting of 14 teeth on the upper jawbone will cost $11,200 in the US.

In Hungary the same treatment will cost $4,300.

Example 2

A patient who has no teeth on the upper jawbone will pay $25,600 in the U.S for 8 dental implants to support a 14 unit bridge. Some dentists in the US will charge an extra $4000 as 8 of those crowns will be implant crowns.

Expect to pay $10,740 in Hungary. A growing number of American dentists are charging anything from $599 TO $600 extra if your new crown happens to attach to a dental implant. In Hungary this practice is not normal and in most places you will find implant crowns the same price as normal crowns.

If you require help with your dental treatment you can do the following:

1) See the dental clinics that advertise on our website

2) Contact us in the following way and we will put you in touch with reputable dental clinics in Hungary.

Our 8 years experience in this field will ensure that you are put in touch the best people:

Email us here – info@hungariandentaltravel.co.uk

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New Year’s Resolution: a beautiful smile in 2012 on the budget?

Many dental patients are looking to make that big step and invest into a brand new smile, part of a New Years Eve resolution.

The pressure is on. Every day there is some sort of news about celebrity dental makeovers, new types of dental veneers or miraculous dental implants.

Everybody wants to look good and according to several surveys a brilliant smile in on the top 5 when it comes to what men find attractive in women.

A nice smile can make a huge difference, make us look younger, give confidence back, increase our chances of getting a job. All in all, we are not really paying for our dental treatments; we are paying for the emotional feedback once we achieved the desired effect.

Dental patients considering aesthetic makeovers will often find dental veneers, crowns, teeth whitening systems and their combinations will be mostly on their treatment plan.


Those patients, looking for a functional fix will be most likely offered dental implants, dental crowns and bridges or in some cases denture stabilisation.

When it comes to New Years Eve’s resolutions, people tend to make a life-changing promise to themselves, some wishes to lose weight, pay off debts, get married, some long for the perfect smile. Travelling to Hungary for dental treatments can be a good alternative to paying the high prices private surgeries charge in England. Most clinics offer 0% deals, accept credit cards or offer alternative payment options.
You can find fairly big clinics in Hungary with all the latest equipments or small, more personal dental studios with only one or two dentists. The quality of dental work will not depend on the size of the surgery. Communication is also very important. Most dentists in Hungary speak perfect English and also many surgeries employ English speaking staff and customer relationship managers.
Dental treatment prices in Hungary can vary. Generally, it depends on the level of the dentist, as Senior dentists, with more experience charge more, but by using them you may reduce the risk of needing complex aftercare. Newly established dental surgeries also offer introductory prices and some offers promotional deals, especially if you are willing to recommend their work or participate in marketing research. The right dental technician can also charge a bit more, but it is really worth paying the extra, as you will be wearing their art work for a long time…
So, check out your options to get the best value for money and enjoy all the benefits Hungary can offer.

Happy New Year, happy new smiles!


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£12000 for a new smile, like Tulisa’s? Not in Hungary!


I have been following Tulisa’s smile-makeovers since the start of her appearance as a judge on X-Factor.

Everybody attached to the program seems to have bright white smiles. Maybe it is to do with Simon Cowell, setting the standards.

Some people love having the full Hollywood glamour written all over their teeth, some prefers more the natural look.  X-Factor famously given smile makeovers for their most valuable contestants, as well.

Last years’ favourites Rachel, Katie and Cher Lloyd, also boy band One Direction had their teeth updated. This very much means Tulisa, as new judge had to have dental treatments.

Earlier this year I published a blog on her new smile, costing her £12000!!! http://hungariandentaltravel.blogspot.com/2011/08/make-good-impression-with-winning-smile.html


Now she tweeted about her dentist only to find herself in a “new plugging row after seemingly promoting the dentist who fitted her veneers on Twitter”- explains the Metro.

Only Tulisa never had to pay the £12000, it was only the value of the dental treatments correcting her aliments mostly using dental veneers.

Apparently she was tweeting about her lovely, new porcelain veneers

According the the Metro: “The OFT has not confirmed whether it is looking at The X Factor star’s behaviour, but a spokesman said: ‘It must be clear if endorsements in blogs and microblogs like Twitter have been made in return for payment or payment in kind.’” several times, mentioning clearly the name of the dentist and the practise, as well.

Well, who can blame Tulisa for getting free dental treatment? Good quality porcelain veneers cost a lot in the UK.

However, dental tourism could be an alternative, as treatments can cost 40%-70% less in Hungary,

For more, check out prices in Hungary on our site http://hdt.hibbert.online/prices/



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Is it possible to have teeth like a Princess for less?


I normally don’t write over weekends. But sipping my morning coffee on this lazy Saturday morning, I came across a piece of news worth commenting on.

Smile like a princess: The secret to Kate Middleton’s perfect pearly whites revealed says the headline in the Daily Mail. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2066489/Smile-like-princess-The-secret-Kate-Middletons-perfect-pearly-whites-revealed.html#ixzz1eoA6XYuu)

Reading the article I found how Kate visited a foreign dentist, a French dental specialist based in London’s prestigious Wimpole Street. Immediately, I was thinking if it is allowed for a princess to show fear or confusion over dental treatment… anyway, the news is about Kate’s pearly white, bright smile and speculations over it.

Many dental patients wish to achieve the whitest teeth possible, but most of the patients wish to remain natural looking at the same time, just like the Princess. And it is possible in several different ways.

Teeth whitening is an all time favourite, you can read more about it in one of our recent articles (click http://hdt.hibbert.online/teeth-whitening/).

The way they suggest Kate got the prefect in-perfect smile is by a specific method called micro-   rotation. According to the dentist, -who is specialist in creating in-perfect, natural looking smiles- this can be achieved quickly by grinding and polishing teeth or adding individual veneers.

The article states this result with the French dentist can cost between £4000- £11000 over a period of   six months to two years,

Many Hungarian dentists have special expertise in the subject and for a savings of 40%-70% this option is really worth considering. For approximate dental prices with a dentist in all over Hungary and Budapest, please visit this page http://hdt.hibbert.online/prices/


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Remembering Freddie Mercury’s talent, smile and overbite


A highly accomplished singer, song writer and artist, he was adored by many and remembered by even more.

An article in the Independent made me think about his life and achievements in a different way “The great pretender: Who dares wear Freddie Mercury’s crown?

It is the anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death, who quietly passed away on the 24th of November 1991.


Well, they didn’t mean dental crown by that. However, it was a well-known fact how much Freddie hated his teeth.

Very much regretting not having correction at an early age as later on he feared a drastic correction would change his voice character and quality. His famous overbite made him very cautious, hence the trademark mustache.

“I don’t like the way my teeth protrude. Apart from that, I’m perfect.” – Freddie


Overbites are very common and most people were happy living with them, unless they caused functional problems. In the last 6-8 years dental patients became very cautious about the aesthetic side of it, wishing to have a more pleasing appearance.

Dentists in Hungary are experts of overbite correction and most of them would recommend several different ways of fixing it, most often extensive crown work is needed for the best results.

Most overbites are hereditary, but several other things can be the cause. One of the worst effects is TMJ Syndrome causing neck pain, jaw pain, sleeping problems and migraines. 

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Which Brand of Dental Implant is Better?


Many large companies go to an awful lot of time, effort and money to get their brand recognised by consumers and it is no different when it comes to dental implants. Many dentists in Budapest often comment that a patient has requested a certain brand of dental implant and they cannot understand why?

Maybe it is because the patient has researched beforehand and trusts a particular brand or maybe a friend has had a particular brand and the patient wants to have the same. Hungarian dentists find this very unusual because the dentist is supposed to be the one who recommends the best dental implant for the patient’s circumstances. In fact dental patient’s are also the consumers as well as patients and it is sometimes important that the patient has a say in which brand is used as the patient may have trust in the brand even if they have never tried it before. The dentist has the overall decision as your Hungarian dentist will not perform a medical procedure based on the wants of the patient if it is not right, however it is only wise to discuss this with the dentist if you are brand aware!

Several years ago dentists used to use a particular brand of dental implant because either they were mentored through their training on a particular brand or their dental technician could only work with a particular system. The industry is very different now and you will find many Hungarian dentists working both in Budapest and in rural Hungary using several different brands as one brand may not be able to meet the needs of the patient. This is not necessarily to satisfy the patients in terms of preferred brand but more to do with having a selection of dental implants to choose from to suit the patient’s circumstances.  In addition each manufacturer will provide their dental implants in different sizes and thread gauges. Price is important and you will often find dentists offering dental implants in price brackets.

What we have to remember is that all dental implants are medically approved and would not be allowed to be used if a particular brand is problematic.

We also have to be aware that the skill and experience of the dentist is an important factor in this as well. It can be the best dental implant in the world but if it is badly placed then the brand is irrelevant. Many dentists recommend based on their professional experience.

Dental Implants to be aware of are:

–          Nobel Biocare

–          Straumann

–          Astra Zeneca

–          Camlog

–          Bio Horizon

–          AB dental implants

–          Ankylos

–          Zimmer

–          Bicon

–          Life Core

There are many more dental implant brands on the market but your dentist should be the one to choose which is best for you. There is a lot to consider when deciding which dental implant is the best and your dentist is better qualified to decide.

Watch the video below to get more ideas.



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Will the new craze “Yaeba Teeth” take over the World?


I came across many strange dental requests in the last few years. We had ladies wanting permanent vampire fangs, fitting teeth jewellery shaped like somebody’s private parts and now the latest craze coming from Japan the “Yaeba Teeth”.


“Japanese women are now going crazy to get the ‘yaeba’ look, in which they have a crooked teeth and has additional canine teeth.
It is very popular in Tokyo and costs around  $390 at a Dental Salon Plaisir in Tokyo’s upmarket ginza.” (Read more http://fallenscoop.com/74533/are-yeaba-teeth-the-new-beauty-trend-in-japan)

The solution creates a child-like look not only to make a girl look generally younger, but also sexy.

The request was also getting popular in New York amongst models, celebrities and actresses. Lara Stone, Georgia Jagger, Jessica Heart and natural “yaeba teeth” wearer Kirsten Dunst are all proudly showing off their less than perfect smiles.

Well, it is debatable whether dentists should only allowed to perform dental treatments to aid function, like chewing or they should be free to oblige to provide such requirements.

In Hungary this question really divides the dental professionals.

Most Hungarian dentists follow strict code of conduct only providing patients with an aesthetically pleasing, functional solution and will refuse extreme dental makeovers.

So, before you fly out make sure how flexible your dentist is…. And call me old fashioned but I still think there is nothing more attractive than a beautiful, healthy and natural smile….

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