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Hollywood Smile

Camilla and Her Hollywood Smile!

Camilla and her Hollywood Smile

In 2007 an aspiring model contacted Hungarian Dental Travel to see if she was a candidate for a Hollywood smile involving zirconium crowns. She was prepared to travel to Hungary for dental treatment because she knew that she could not afford cosmetic dental care in the UK at that time.

Camilla was getting photo shot opportunities as a model but all of her pictures had one thing in common – she did not smile! She was getting regular assignments but felt that her teeth were holding her back.

Camilla went to see our dentist and the dentist talked about orthodontic treatment to correct the misalignment in her teeth with braces. It was the most ethical solution. Camilla had already tried braces unsuccessfully and it was something she did not want to try again as it would take her 2 years to achieve normality,  would cost her £10,000 and it did not work last time.

The dentist finally agreed to give Camilla a Hollywood smile which included 12 porcelain crowns and some root canal treatment. She flew out to Hungary for 1 week to see our dentist and came back to London with a new smile.

It has been over 9 years since Camilla traveled to see our dentist and she is still happy with the result.

Camilla also featured in “Love it” magazine


Love it magazine, Before & After Photo’s


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New Year’s Resolution: a beautiful smile in 2012 on the budget?

Many dental patients are looking to make that big step and invest into a brand new smile, part of a New Years Eve resolution.

The pressure is on. Every day there is some sort of news about celebrity dental makeovers, new types of dental veneers or miraculous dental implants.

Everybody wants to look good and according to several surveys a brilliant smile in on the top 5 when it comes to what men find attractive in women.

A nice smile can make a huge difference, make us look younger, give confidence back, increase our chances of getting a job. All in all, we are not really paying for our dental treatments; we are paying for the emotional feedback once we achieved the desired effect.

Dental patients considering aesthetic makeovers will often find dental veneers, crowns, teeth whitening systems and their combinations will be mostly on their treatment plan.


Those patients, looking for a functional fix will be most likely offered dental implants, dental crowns and bridges or in some cases denture stabilisation.

When it comes to New Years Eve’s resolutions, people tend to make a life-changing promise to themselves, some wishes to lose weight, pay off debts, get married, some long for the perfect smile. Travelling to Hungary for dental treatments can be a good alternative to paying the high prices private surgeries charge in England. Most clinics offer 0% deals, accept credit cards or offer alternative payment options.
You can find fairly big clinics in Hungary with all the latest equipments or small, more personal dental studios with only one or two dentists. The quality of dental work will not depend on the size of the surgery. Communication is also very important. Most dentists in Hungary speak perfect English and also many surgeries employ English speaking staff and customer relationship managers.
Dental treatment prices in Hungary can vary. Generally, it depends on the level of the dentist, as Senior dentists, with more experience charge more, but by using them you may reduce the risk of needing complex aftercare. Newly established dental surgeries also offer introductory prices and some offers promotional deals, especially if you are willing to recommend their work or participate in marketing research. The right dental technician can also charge a bit more, but it is really worth paying the extra, as you will be wearing their art work for a long time…
So, check out your options to get the best value for money and enjoy all the benefits Hungary can offer.

Happy New Year, happy new smiles!


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Is it possible to have teeth like a Princess for less?


I normally don’t write over weekends. But sipping my morning coffee on this lazy Saturday morning, I came across a piece of news worth commenting on.

Smile like a princess: The secret to Kate Middleton’s perfect pearly whites revealed says the headline in the Daily Mail. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2066489/Smile-like-princess-The-secret-Kate-Middletons-perfect-pearly-whites-revealed.html#ixzz1eoA6XYuu)

Reading the article I found how Kate visited a foreign dentist, a French dental specialist based in London’s prestigious Wimpole Street. Immediately, I was thinking if it is allowed for a princess to show fear or confusion over dental treatment… anyway, the news is about Kate’s pearly white, bright smile and speculations over it.

Many dental patients wish to achieve the whitest teeth possible, but most of the patients wish to remain natural looking at the same time, just like the Princess. And it is possible in several different ways.

Teeth whitening is an all time favourite, you can read more about it in one of our recent articles (click http://hdt.hibbert.online/teeth-whitening/).

The way they suggest Kate got the prefect in-perfect smile is by a specific method called micro-   rotation. According to the dentist, -who is specialist in creating in-perfect, natural looking smiles- this can be achieved quickly by grinding and polishing teeth or adding individual veneers.

The article states this result with the French dentist can cost between £4000- £11000 over a period of   six months to two years,

Many Hungarian dentists have special expertise in the subject and for a savings of 40%-70% this option is really worth considering. For approximate dental prices with a dentist in all over Hungary and Budapest, please visit this page http://hdt.hibbert.online/prices/


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Teeth Whitening…..What to expect!

Dentists in both Hungary and England agree that patient expectations for teeth whitening procedures are often unrealistic which can cause disappointment for the patient. Dentists are generally keen to avoid patient dissatisfaction when it comes to teeth whitening procedures and likewise patients don’t want to waste money on procedures that don’t have the desired effect.
Teeth Whitening procedures are often provided in Budapest for overseas dental patients but it is not a procedure whereby the British, Irish or American dental patient will have flown in especially for it. For those patients who require teeth whitening as a standalone procedure it is generally more cost effective to have it done with your local dentist at home. Teeth Whitening often compliments other treatments for the dental tourist rather than it being a standalone procedure. An example would be when a patient is having Bridgework on their upper jaw and they require teeth whitening on the lower jaw so that the upper and lower teeth blend in with each other.

Hungary has a reputation for providing high quality dental care at much lower prices than you would expect in your home country but teeth whitening is one of those procedures whereby the price is approximately the same both in Hungary and in your home country. The main reason is that the bulk of the cost is in the material with little labour involved.
Dental patients are often seduced by teeth whitening advertisements whereby the model has the perfect smile. This often leads to the patient having a greater expectation in the product which can lead to disappointment and perhaps even complaint.

Crooked Teeth
It may sound obvious but teeth whitening procedures do not fix crooked teeth. If you have crooked teeth then your teeth will still be crooked after the teeth whitening procedure. They will just be whiter crooked teeth. Advertising is very powerful and often patients will think that they will get the perfect smile just like the model in the teeth whitening advertisement.

Tetracycline Staining
Once again, teeth whitening procedures has its limitations when it comes to tetracycline staining. Teeth whitening may help but often it will not give you that perfect smile like the model in the advert or brochure.

A1 White Smile
Just because the model in the teeth whitening brochure has that perfect white smile it does not mean that the same can be achieved for your teeth. With claims that laser teeth whitening can take your back up to 10 shades whiter it is hard to ignore but in reality the dentist should only try to do what is realistic. In many cases teeth whitening is used to take your teeth back just a few shades as safety is important and the health of your tooth should not be compromised.

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Which Crown Material is Best?




There are many different materials used when dental crowns are manufactured by a dental technician. Although not always the case the material often used during dental restorations is porcelain.

Porcelain mimics a natural tooth very well but it would be too brittle if it was not fused to a structure causing breakage.

This structure which is encased by the crown itself provides the crown with strength but various materials used to build the structure have definite advantages over the others.


Porcelain Fused to Metal

This is the most common material used throughout the world because it provides strength to the porcelain at the cheapest price. This is not to say that the crown is a bad choice. Your dentist will still use quality porcelain and your dentist and technician should be able to get the size, shade and shape right for you.

The disadvantage is that the colour of the metal can shine through the porcelain and give a slight grey effect to the crown. This material is metal so people with sensitivities or allergies to metal should avoid.

Porcelain Fused to Titanium

The porcelain is fused to titanium in this case rather than metal. The titanium can be shaped slightly better than the metal version and is lighter.

The disadvantage is that the cost is slightly higher than the standard crown and the grey colour of the metal can shine through the porcelain giving a grey appearance to the crown.

This metal is less popular with Hungarian dentists but it used to be popular with dentists who placed implants as the implant and the crown structure is made of titanium.

Porcelain Fused to Gold

This used to be a popular choice as the gold was very malleable but titanium became more popular as it had all the advantages of gold and none of the disadvantages.

Gold commands a high price tag and a yellowish colour can shine through the porcelain giving a yellow look to the crown. This material is rarely used by dentists in Budapest or elsewhere in Hungary.

Porcelain Fused to Zirconium

The disadvantage is price and manufacturing times are slightly longer. Zirconium is normally used just for the front teeth with standard crowns being placed in the back of the mouth if needed.This is a new material on the market compared to the others but taking the world of dental aesthetics by storm. High quality porcelain is fused to a structure made from Zirconium. This is one of the strongest man made materials on the market and is white in colour. Unlike metals the white of the zirconium material shines through the porcelain making the tooth look even more natural. The clear advantage over any of the metals is excellent aesthetics without losing strength. This is ideal for both cosmetic dentistry and patients who have sensitivity to metals.


When patients travel to Hungary there are only really two materials to choose from:

–          Porcelain fused to metal

–          Porcelain fused to Zirconium

The other materials have fallen by the wayside.

Standard crowns cost around £170 to £220 in Hungary compared to £800 to £1000 on a like for like basis in the UK. Zirconium crowns start at £280 to £360 in Hungary compared to around £1,200 upwards in the UK on a like for like basis.

The material is important but not any more important than getting the crown the correct size, shape and colour.

The argument is whether it is worth it to pay more for the zirconium to get a slightly better result. For some people it is worth it whilst not worth it for others.

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