Would you buy John Lennon’s tooth?


Reading the on-line magazines today I came across a piece of news published in a Hungarian site. Just reading the headline alone started making me smile.

It is about an auction by the Omega Auction House whereby John Lennon’s once extracted tooth will be on offer on the 5th of November, 2011. Who would want to buy a tooth, even if it used to be part of the famous ex-Beatle? Well, my mum might would, actually… that is if she could afford it, though as the starting price is $16,000…

The whole subject tells me, how big star he still is and he was only human, because he had a bad tooth…

Allegedly, Lennon gave the tooth to his house maid on the day of the extraction asking her to pass the unusual present to her daughter, being a big fan. The weird memorabilia have been the property of the family ever since. Unfortunately, there is no DNA to confirm if the tooth was actually John Lennon’s, only the word of the family is the only  assurance.

Well, good luck with it all. I am sure they will get their money, but this is one of the strangest things I heard the week.


More on this, please read Yahoo USA article on the subject http://news.yahoo.com/16-000-expected-john-lennons-tooth-204300306.html

Would you buy John Lennon’s tooth?
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